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Jaggey Powder


Gurr and Sugar is the main sweetening agent that is used in beverages and foods for increasing flavor and texture. Over the years, the food habits of human beings have been greatly influenced by research and developmental activities and also due to their health consciousness. So, they prefer Healthy Options like Gurr instead of white sugar. Several Jaggery manufacturers produce Jaggery and Jaggery products, but they use sodium hydrosulfite, superphosphate, urea, soft stone powder, and ammonium bicarbonate during Gurr production, the results make Gurr acidic. When this Gurr is added into milk or tea, it becomes the milk curdle because of the more acidic nature of Gurr. 

To avoid this and maintain the natural properties of Gurr, also reach pure and healthy products to people, we start a Jaggery Manufacturing Company in Yamuna Nagar in 2018 under the Brand name “SAVASTYA”. We manufacture an excellent and naturally healthy sweetener for society; the quality is recognizable through our SAVASTYA brand which provides a positive voice to our company – “A healthy approach towards the society”. Our primary objective is to make society healthier by providing Natural & Pure products.


The health of our consumers is our priority, and healthier food equals a healthier diet and body. Chemically produced products cause plenty of health issues, and we’re working hard to remove them by promoting organic products. Purity, high nutritional content, high health benefits, efficacy, and distinct flavor are all qualities that we have noted.

Social Responsibility towards Society

As responsible corporate citizens, we make significant contributions as much as we can for the betterment of our society with our small steps. Gurr (Jaggery) produced from the best sugarcanes, is our specialty which is the best sugar alternative, providing much more health benefits than processed sugar. The production process is done under hygienic conditions, ensuring that they are safe to consume.

Our Extensive Product Portfolio

We are a well-noted manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Gurr like Gurr Tikki, Mix dry fruits Jaggery, Ayurvedic Gurr, Gilloy Gurr and Tulsi Gurr, Mix Jaggery, Organic Jaggery powder, and other variants. These products hold medicinal value as it is a healthier alternative of processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. The above-mentioned variety of Gurr is made using high-quality sugarcane obtained directly from organic farming.

SAVASTYA Brand - Gurr Packaging Styles

We are providing Jaggery powder in our brand name of SAVASTYA which has a packing style of 1 Kg Box, 750 grams (Pouch Packaging). Gurr Tikki is also available in750 gm in pouch packaging.

Two different healthy options Liquid Jaggery and Sugarcane vinegar are also available in 500 ml bottles and 200 ml spray bottles.

Quality Management Team

SAVASTYA don’t compromise whether it comes to quality, safety, or innovation. We introduce ourselves as a team of experienced professionals with extensive expertise in Jaggery production. To ensure that we offer the finest quality Products, our specialists work closely with farmers who produce Sugarcane. They test product batches regularly to verify that they meet rigorous worldwide organic and natural standards.

A Healthy Delicacy for All

Our offered products are suitable for those who avoid sweets as their sugar level is quite low. Also, our offered Gurr acts as “Medicinal Sugar” as they are 100% chemical-free, rich in authentic flavor, and free from foreign particles and impurities. Besides that our Jaggery (Gurr) products, which are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, and other minerals, work as a vehicle to fight iron and vitamin deficiencies. Micronutrients included in Jaggery possess anti-toxic and anti-carcinogenic properties.

Health Benefits Offered by “SAVASTYA” Gurr:

  • The presence of fiber treats constipation and acidity.
  • It has a moderate amount of calcium, phosphorus, and zinc, which aids in blood purification and bile disorder.
  • Contains magnesium & potassium.
  • An Ayurvedic medicine treating cough & throat
  • Rich in iron, increases hemoglobin level
  • Offers plentiful of nutrients, minerals & vitamins.