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We manufacture our all products keeping in mind the health of the people. We have a load of Gurr varieties, such as Gurr Tikki, Liquid Jaggery, Jaggery (Gurr) Cubes, Coffee Jaggery, Gilloy Jaggery (Gurr), Tulsi Jaggery, and many more which are recognized for their pure and natural properties. Our SAVASTYA Jaggery (Gurr), made from the finest quality sugarcane sourced from certified organic farms across India.

Our Services

Provide customer support services like Email, SMS, and easy online payments solutions

Pure Products

100% Fresh Organic online store for Jaggery powder, liquid Jaggery, and Jaggery cubes, and more.

Recipes / Dishes

Our Jaggery products increase the sweetness and organic flavors of a variety of recipes.

Offer Product

Savastya offered products can be used in different recipes and beverages. In the winter months, it prevents coughs & colds, and other respiratory illnesses that are common during winter. We, A G Foods with the brand name “SAVASTYA” are manufacturers of pure and organic Gurr Jaggery products. We manufacture our all products keeping in mind the health of the people.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We are committed to produce and supply the best quality, unique and innovative products to the customers.

Our Vision

We aim to be the most trusted and reliable provider of organic and sustainable Gurr (Jaggery) products globally by developing and improving the hygienic conditions for manufacturing.

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I am doing business with Savastya last 3 years .His service of nature is Very good. his Jaggery Powder is in Demand. Infect we like to do business with A. G. Foods.

Mohit Kumwor,


Jaggery is Sugarcane based natural sweetener made by the made by the concentration of sugar juice without use of any Chemicals. It is available in the form of solid blocks and in semi-liquid form.



Jaggery is good for Health and this is Jaggery powder  is a very good substitute of sugar. We use this even in TEA also. Now a Days my husband drink tea using this Jaggery Powder.

Neha Sharma,


I like the Organic Jaggery Powder. It looked very Original and just my perfect ingredient to satisfy my sweet tooth. Thank you to introducing such a lovely product.